Case Studies

Health Care Provider

A private hospital was experiencing rapid growth and required training in customer service for all hospital staff and leadership training for potential leaders for future advancement. The hospital also required process improvements in the admissions department and in staff communication.

WorkTerrain’s Contributions:

  • secured a $100,000 training grant for the hospital;
  • developed the management development training curriculum;
  • trained staff selected by the hospital in Leadership, Team Building, Conflict Resolution;
  • trained all hospital staff in Effective Customer Service;
  • provided Lean Management training

Results of training: provided staff consistency in customer service; created a pool of “leaders” for advancement to meet the hospital’s rapid growth; increased admissions (census) by reducing the admissions process from 45 to 14 steps; developed an effective communication system to keep all staff informed of hospital issues.

Academic Organization

After a several year hiatus in training its administrative staff, a university required staff and leadership training to align its employees’ skills with changing work demands. The training was particularly compelling as the university was changing its business format from a centralized to de-centralized business units.

WorkTerrain’s Contributions:

  • developed an extensive, customized training curriculum for staff and management;
  • delivered staff and leadership training programs to staff and management

Results of Training: improved employee morale; employees attained skills around how to effectively work with peers with corresponding reduction in stress and non-productive interactions; improved skills in areas including business writing, holding effective meetings, goal setting; laid foundation for the university to migrate to business units through staff training.

Non-Profit Organization

A large non-profit organization that delivered care to low-income and disadvantaged individuals & families required training for its staff on methods to manage work-related stress. This training was part of an important initiative to retain employees and minimize workers’ compensation claims related to stress.

WorkTerrain’s Contributions:

  • Secured a $15,000 safety training grant for the organization;
  • Developed and delivered a customized safety training program to teach employees how to identify various types of stressors, identify the characteristics and factors that make for resilient people, and manage stress both on and off the job.

Results of Training: Employees were taught techniques to recognize when the body is under stress, methods to uncover and discover personal stress triggers, and techniques for adopting and developing resilient skills and attitudes. Training was delivered in a manner to ensure that the benefits of this program continued on an ongoing basis for future staff.

State Government Agency

A state agency required a qualified & credentialed list of specialty physicians to perform medical / psychiatric evaluations for individuals seeking disability.

WorkTerrain’s Contributions

  • developed and maintained list of credentialed physicians in many specialties including psychiatry, oncology, pulmonary, ENT, occupational health;
  • trained physicians to perform disability evaluations according to specific guidelines;
  • quality controlled evaluations to ensure regulatory compliance with evaluation reports;
  • effectively managed evaluation process for cases referred by the state agency for evaluation

Results: Met over 95% of report submission standards; provided comprehensive report of findings/recommendations from physicians resulting in extremely low rate of clarification requests; considered by the state agency to be one of the top performing vendors.