Mistake Proofing Seminar


This workshop leads the students through the steps in understanding the basic principles of mistake proofing. You will learn how Zero Quality Control and Mistake-Proofing devices strive to eliminate errors in manufacturing.

Benefits of Training

At the end of the course you will have learned about Poka-Yoke systems, Zero Quality Control, Zero Defect principles.

How the Program Works

The program features hands-on workshops involving actual products to bring the techniques to life.

Program Outline

You will learn about

  • Poka-Yoke
  • Zero quality control
  • Mistake proofing devices
  • Finding conditions that cause defects
  • Designing mistake proofing devices


Training sessions are comprised of lectures, hands-on workshops, written exercises, large and small group discussions, PowerPoint and video recording.

Who Should Attend

Manufacturing managers and supervisors, engineering, and quality control managers and personnel, quality control personnel, machine operators, and other personnel involved in developing and operating a manufacturing facility.