Back Safety Training Seminar


To provide you solutions and options for making changes in the workplace. You can decrease the stress of daily activities in your job and prevent back problems from occurring when you change behaviors, work environment, posture and available equipment.

Benefits of Safety Training

  • You will be able to evaluate your surroundings and identify risk factors for injury
  • Change behaviors, improve your posture, learn stretching
  • You will make safer choices and know when to ask for help
  • Increase productivity and decrease loss days of work

How the Program Works

The presenter will demonstrate and include participants in a series of exercises for each topic. Each topic will include specific examples of scenarios that may be present in your job requirements. You will learn practical, hands-on information that you will be able to apply immediately.

Program Outline

  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Changing behavior
  • Identifying good and bad stress
  • Sitting posture, standing posture, sleep posture
  • Lifting and twisting
  • Back exercises and stretches
  • Clothing, appropriate footwear
  • Poor job design and your work habits


This program includes lecture, demonstration, volunteer participation, quiz, large group discussions, and handouts.