Bloodborne Pathogens Training Seminar


After you complete this training you will be up to date and compliant with your mandated OSHA BBP Training for one year. You and your employees will be able to write an exposure control plan for your business or department.

Benefits of Bloodborne Pathogen Training

  • You will have completed the OSHA requirement for BBP Training
  • You will be able to write an exposure control plan
  • You will decrease your risk of being exposed to potentially infectious materials
  • You decrease your risk for contracting HIV, HBV, HCV or TB.

How the Program Works

Participants will follow along with a workbook that will allow for an interactive group discussion on each chapter. Participants will be able to see examples of issues presented with the risk of exposure through video. Each chapter covers a required section of the exposure control plan.

Program Outline

  • You will learn how disease is transmitted and how to control your risk of exposure
  • You will learn what at PPE is and how to use them
  • You will learn to identify engineering controls and their need for proper installment
  • You will learn how to clean up blood and OPIM
  • You will practice how to put on gloves on and off appropriately and dispose of them properly
  • You will be able to write an exposure control plan


All scenarios and lecture material is based on your company’s policies, standard operating procedures, and industry requirements This program includes lecture, demonstration, large group discussions, and video. The course includes a book with a sample exposure control plan and all equipment and supplies needed to complete the hands-on application.