Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Adult, Child and Infant Training


Since Massachusetts Law does not mandate lay rescuers to perform CPR, it will always be a personal choice whether you choose to perform CPR or not. Our goal is train you to be both confident in your skills and have a clear understanding of your role as a lay rescuer. This program meets licensing and regulatory requirements for safety training

Benefits of CPR Training

  • You will learn how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies
  • You will learn how to assess and perform CPR on someone in sudden cardiac arrest
  • You will learn how to help an adult, child or infant who is choking.
  • You will receive a two-year certification in CPR Training

How the Program Works

Participants will see video demonstration of scenarios and skills needed for CPR or obstructed airway. Participants will then have an opportunity to practice those skills in different situations.

Program Outline

  • Identify life-threatening emergency
  • Learn the chain of survival
  • Learn the skills necessary to assist someone in cardiac arrest
  • Learn the CPR skills for adults, children and infants
  • Learn the skills needed to relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for the adults, children and infants.


All scenarios and lecture material is based on your company’s policies, standard operating procedures, and industry requirements This program includes lecture, demonstration, hands on training, large group discussions, and video. The course includes a booklet and all equipment and supplies needed to complete the hands-on application.