Crisis Management Training


To keep a potentially violent situation from escalating. When faced with the decision that requires de-escalation, this program will give you the confidence needed to handle a crisis and train you to intervene more safely when behavior becomes dangerous.

Benefits of Crisis Management Training

  • This program meets the Department of Education guidelines as annual staff refresher training
  • Program can be extended to a 12-to-16-hour program as required
  • You will improve the safety of your workplace
  • You will create a “Team Approach” to crisis management

How the Program Works

When a crisis situation arises we want to make sure that you know how to stay safe while managing the situation. Employee in human services such as health care, mental health, education, social welfare, residential services, security, law enforcement and corrections should all consider this program. Participants will work in groups and practice practical situational drills that would require individual and team interventions on creating a safe resolution.

Program Outline

  • You will learn to identify levels of inappropriate behavior
  • Choose the best forms of communication and de-escalation
  • Learn techniques to control own anxiety
  • Understand the risks of physical restraints
  • Learn physical restraints, personal safety techniques and multiple person assists


This program includes lecture, demonstration, hands-on training and application of defensive holds, test, large group discussions, and video. The course includes handouts.