Fire Safety And Fire Extinguisher Training Seminar


When faced with the decision to flee immediately or choose a fire extinguisher to safely fight a fire, we want the employees educated about making safe decisions.

Benefits of Safety Training

When you have completed this training you will be able to apply the following to your companies Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Fire Safety Program

  • Operation of fire extinguishers
  • Proper housekeeping and maintenance
  • Communication systems
  • Evacuation plans

How the Program Works

This program gives participants an opportunity to actually use a fire extinguisher in a skills practical session. They will be able to write an evacuation plan and identify hazards in fire safety. This program meets the requirements for OSHA Fire Safety Training.

Program Outline

  • Employees will learn classifications of fire extinguishers
  • Learn how to select the proper fire extinguisher for the fire
  • Learn fire safety inspections and how to identify hazards and potential hazards
  • Demonstrate how to properly use a fire extinguisher
  • Learn the federal requirements for storage and maintenance of extinguishers
  • Identify key components in an evacuation plan


This program includes lecture, demonstration, hands-on training, quiz, large group discussions, and video. The course includes a booklet and all equipment and supplies needed to complete the hands-on application.