First Aid Training Seminar


If someone had a seizure would you know what to do? We will train you and your staff on what to do and how to manage the first few minutes of an emergency until help arrives.

Benefits of Training

  • Establish a Safety Committee
  • Establish an Emergency Action Plan
  • Meet OSHA Compliance Training Requirements
  • Know what to do in the first few minutes while you wait for help to arrive
  • Earn a two-year certification card in first aid training

How the Program Works

This is a watch then practice model where participants will have an opportunity to observe reality based scenarios and then apply the skills needed to assist in the first aid emergency.

Program Outline

  • Learn general principles first aid kit, call 911, Good Samaritan Law, HIV and HEP B.
  • Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of medical emergencies like: asthma, stroke, cardiac arrest, diabetes and seizures
  • Pediatric Module: This program meets the Massachusetts Early Education and Care (EEC) requirements for childcare providers
  • Injury Emergencies includes: asthma, epi pen, burns, electric and chemical burns, sprains & broken bones, bleeding, poisoning, heat and cold emergencies, diabetic and seizures


All scenarios and lecture material is based on your company’s policies, standard operating procedures, and industry requirements This program includes lecture, demonstration, hands-on training, large group discussions, and video. The course includes a booklet and all equipment and supplies needed to complete the hands-on application.