Obstructed Airway Training


When faced with a decision to help someone who is choking or not. We hope that we have provided you the skills, confidence, education and training to “Leap In To Action” and provide abdominal thrusts to a choking victim.

Benefits of Obstructed Airway Training

  • You will meet the requirement of the Department of Public Health for industry
  • You will be able to identify when someone is choking
  • You will know how to help someone who is choking

How This Program Works

This program is 50% hands on training. You will be led through the sequence to assist someone who is choking. You will see examples of abdominal thrusts and have an opportunity to practice the skill. When you have completed this training you will be able to apply these protocols to your companies Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Program Outline

  • To clear obstructed airway in conscious adults, children and infants
  • Learn how to manage choking victims who are too tall, too big and pregnant
  • Know what to do when a conscious choking victim goes unconscious
  • Identify life-threatening emergencies
  • Effectively Manage the 911 Process
  • Identify Anaphylaxis (food allergies)
  • Know how to manage the first few minutes while you wait for help to arrive
  • Optional Module: CPR adult, child and infant


This program includes lecture, demonstration, hands-on training, large group discussions, and video. The course includes a booklet and all equipment and supplies needed to complete the hands-on application.