Behavioral Interviewing Seminar


The goal of this 1-full day workshop is to build greater personal skill and confidence in your ability to effectively interview to hire and retain the best, qualified candidates for both external and internal interviewing situations.

Benefits of Behavioral Interviewing Training

  • Understand the consequences of hiring decisions
  • How to avoid common selection problems
  • Understand the legal issues in the employment process

How the Program Works

Through instruction, interviewers learn techniques critical to the success of hiring and retaining the best employees. You’ll learn strategies and skills for interviewing all levels of employees, from hourly to professional and technical, as well as managerial candidates.

Program Outline

  • Interviewing opener
  • Questions not to ask
  • Interviewing process
  • Behavioral responses
  • What to listen for
  • Deal with incomplete answers
  • Follow-up questions
  • Review interview questions you can and cannot ask
  • Job descriptions
  • “More than a gut feeling” video
  • Write behavioral questions
  • Practice conducting behavioral interviews
  • Develop an action plan for future interviewing


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, PowerPoint and video presentations, and skill practice. Workshops materials include participant guide.