Essential Skills Of Leadership (ESL) Seminar


The goal of this 4-hour workshop is to build resiliency in individuals, thus allowing them to overcome adversity more quickly and to lead a healthier life.

Benefits of ESL Training

  • Productive interactions between team members and team leaders
  • Techniques for goal-setting, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Increase team spirit, cooperation, and job satisfaction
  • Improve morale
  • Build stronger relationships with coworkers

How the Program Works

Through instruction, participants learn a methodology for productive interactions between team members and team leaders. ESL helps experienced managers, new managers, and aspiring managers refocus the skills required to manage the individual while also leading the team.

Program Outline

  • Awareness inventory
  • Review ESL skill points
  • How to maintain or enhance team member self-esteem
  • Focus on behavior
  • Encourage team member participation
  • Skills practice
  • Action planning


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, skills practice, PowerPoint and video presentations. Workshops materials include participant material.