Management Skills For The 21st Century Seminar


The goal of this workshop is to build a portfolio of basic management skills. It offers a practical approach to strengthen new and experienced managers’ ability to get work done through other people.

Benefits of 21st Century Management Skills Training

  • Acquire leadership principles to guide management decisions
  • Successful ways to communicate expectations and monitor performance
  • Improved listening and delegation skills
  • Learn effective interviewing techniques
  • Recognize role of diversity in well-run organizations
  • Conflict prevention and handling skills
  • Learn problem solving methods for today’s customer oriented organization

How the Program Works

Through instruction and group interaction participants develop a framework and tools for dealing with the challenges of managing people in today’s dynamic work environment. Throughout the program participants are asked to link their learning to their actual business experience.

Program Outline

  • Introduction and overview
  • Principles of supervision
  • Leveraging communication strengths
  • How to set and communicate performance expectations
  • How to motivate employees through coaching and feedback
  • How to guide work teams toward productive, timely results
  • The role of diversity in a well-managed organization
  • Preventing and settling workplace conflict
  • Modern approaches to monitoring employee performance


This customized program includes structured exercises, case analysis, role-playing, mini-lectures, assessments visual media, group discussions, and applications planning.