Managing Today’s Diverse Workforce Seminar


The goal of this workshop is to deepen managers’ understanding of diversity in the workplace and to stimulate the on-going process of building a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Benefits of Diversity Training

  • Heighten awareness of issues, concerns and priorities of a diverse employee population
  • Understand the business case for diversity
  • Increase familiarity with non-discriminatory hiring, performance management, retention and employee development practices

How the Program Works

Through the use of structured exercises, self-assessment, and other methods, participants learn to clarify the manager’s role in dealing with workplace diversity and to provide concepts and skills for recruiting, managing and retaining a diverse workforce.

Program Outline

  • Introduction and overview
  • Explore dimensions of diversity in the workplace
  • Identify ways to work with, motivate, and advance a culturally diverse staff
  • Culturally competent performance management
  • Draft action plan to support improved diversity practices within their work team


Training sessions consist of self-assessment, mini-lecture, small group exercises, case studies, question and answer and discussion. Available as half-day and one-day seminars.