Communicating Up — Working With A Difficult Manager Seminar


The goal of this 4-hour workshop is to provide the tools necessary to align the individual with the communication requirements of his or her manager.

Benefits of Communication Training

  • Understanding the importance of framing all communication with managers in terms of their self-interest
  • Effective meeting preparation
  • How to link objectives with facts to support plans and goals
  • How to move conversations toward agreement
  • Frame questions that focus on benefits to be gained when the objective is reached

How the Program Works

Through instruction, the trainer will focus on preparation and clear commitments to help even experienced managers build a more effective process for communicating and collaborating within the organizational hierarchy.

Program Outline

  • Effective communication two-way process
  • Communication up exercise
  • Delivering bad news to your manager
  • Communicating your group’s accomplishments
  • Dealing with a difficult manager
  • Communicating effectively with difficult managers
  • Action planning


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, skills practice, PowerPoint and video presentations. Workshops materials include participant guide.