Cultural Diversity Seminar


This highly interactive one-day workshop deepens participants’ understanding of and respect for diversity in the workplace. The program addresses staff interactions with one another as well as cultural competence skills needed to work with diverse communities.

Benefits of Cultural Diversity Training

  • Acquire a framework for better understanding the concerns, values and priorities of people of varying backgrounds
  • Increase sensitivity to intercultural dynamics
  • Recognize cultural difference in beliefs about meeting client needs

How the Program Works

Participants will view issues of diversity and inclusion from personal, cultural, and organizational perspectives. Staff will be introduced to a framework for understanding the cultural variations that people of different backgrounds bring to the workplace, especially the differences between group oriented cultures and individually oriented cultures. They will acquire techniques for recognizing and interrupting bias and will have the opportunity to commit to steps to apply the course content and tools.

Program Outline

  • Introduction and overview
  • Explore multiple dimensions of workplace diversity
  • Examine how the changing face of America impacts the work we do
  • The impact of exclusion
  • Practice techniques for communicating with and about different groups of people
  • Draft personal action plan to address diversity and inclusion at work


This customized program actively engages participants through self-assessment, learning games, video, case studies, mini-lecture, reflection, and small and large group interaction.