Customer Service Seminar


This seminar concentrates on providing exceptional customer service at all levels of the organization. The depth and length of this program can be tailored to your company’s specific training needs.

Benefits of Customer Service Training

A company is only as successful as its ability to satisfy its customers. Most companies profess that the customer is Number One, yet the customer’s experience does not always support that premise. Therefore, the best competitive edge is providing exceptional service.

How the Program Works

Through instruction, participants learn the skills and attitudes necessary to build customer rapport, handle complaints, and develop standards of service.

Program Outline

  • Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction Understanding the four basic needs of the customer; how to uncovering customer needs.
  • Building Customer Rapport Dealing with different personality styles; communicating effectively; developing listening skills; strengthening the customer interaction.
  • Everyone is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction Applying team efforts that pay off; creating synergy among staff; understanding internal customer service.
  • Customer Complaints Dealing with the difficult customer; handling objections; staying calm, cool and in emotional control, in the toughest of situations.
  • Telephone Techniques The importance of voice inflection; asking questions that elicit the information you need; telephone etiquette.
  • Developing Standards of Service Setting standards; establishing targets; reaching new goals.


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, and PowerPoint presentations.