Emotional Intelligence Seminar


The goal of this 3-hour workshop is demonstrate the direct link between emotional intelligence and an individuals’ ability to manage themselves and their relationships with others, and to teach specific techniques to use for success professionally and personally

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training

  • Understand self-awareness and self-control
  • Define a path for development for one’s EQ
  • Improve leadership performance
  • Improve EQ competencies

How the Program Works

Through instruction, program trainers teach participants how to create a culture of high trust relationships that promotes high productivity, top quality, operational efficiencies, strong morale, and increased employee retention.

Program Outline

  • Complete self-assessment index for emotional intelligence
  • Understand how the brain impacts emotional high-jacking
  • Definition of the 5 components of emotional intelligence
  • Interactive exercises to reinforce each component
  • Define a path for development and to improve leadership performance


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, self-assessment exercise, large and small group interactive exercises, and Power Point presentation. Workshop materials include Index for Emotional Intelligence Paper and pencil Version and the Self-Development Guide.