Team Building Seminar


The goal of this 4-hour workshop is to address three of the most common challenges that teams’ face: motivation, conflict, and communication.

Benefits of Team Building Training

  • Identify the unique strengths and challenges each member brings to the team
  • Enhance team motivation, conflict, and communication
  • Increase team spirit, cooperation, and job satisfaction
  • Reduce the confusion and complexity of understanding team members
  • Use interpersonal feedback to improve their team performance

How the Program Works

Through instruction, participants learn simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in a team’s effectiveness.

Program Outline

  • Team development process
  • Stages of teams
  • Trust behaviors
  • People skills model and motivation
  • Conflict and communication
  • Team activity


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, PowerPoint and video presentations. Workshops materials include participant guide and an option team / communication assessment.