Time Management/Managing Multiple Priorities Seminar


The goal of this 4-hour workshop is to learn how to develop self- management habits, set goals and effectively prioritize to organize our time more efficiently.

Benefits of Time Management Training

  • Manage time at work or home
  • Learn to organize and set priorities
  • Develop self-management habits

How the Program Works

Through instruction, participants learn the skills and self-management habits necessary to enhancing individual and organizational performance.

Program Outline

  • Prioritize your Time for Greater Efficiency
  • Enhance your Self-Management Skills
  • Approach Goal-Setting from a Holistic Perspective
  • Review Priorities in Terms of Urgent and Important Context
  • Develop Specific Time Management Strategies
  • Complete Action Plans for Specific Areas


Training sessions are comprised of lecture, written exercises, large and small group discussions, PowerPoint presentations. Workshops materials include participant guide and optional Time Mastery Assessment.