10 Simple Steps For Creating A Resilient, Powerful Life


You’d never consider starting a diet on Thanksgiving Day. Why, then, do most of us only think about managing stress when we’re ready to explode? Just like exercise or healthy eating can be a more effective way of losing weight than “going on a diet”, creating inner strength and resiliency in your everyday life is a more successful approach than “managing stress”. The goal of this 3-4 hour workshop is provide the tools for building resiliency.


  • Use body-centering techniques when dealing with a difficult employee, a demanding customer, or a critical co-worker to stay calm.
  • Change your breathing pattern in three easy steps, leaving you able to creatively tackle the task at hand.
  • Listen intently, creating a strong connection with your team instead of alienating them with anxiety.

How the Program Works

Based on mind/body relaxation techniques, participants will learn breathing techniques, movement, and visualization practices aimed at building resiliency.

Program Outline

  • Introduction and overview
  • The effects of breathing patterns and how to consciously control the breath for a relaxation response.
  • Modifying energy levels and awareness exercises
  • Taking care of the body–good habits that build resiliency.
  • Concentrating and building focus.


This is a hand-on, experiential training session with small group discussions, individual movement and breath work.