Work Force Training Grants

Workforce Training Fund grants may be the answer to your training budget needs, and WorkTerrain can help you obtain them. With the Workforce Training Fund grant, Massachusetts employers incur little or no direct, out-of-pocket subcontracted training costs. And we’ll assist you in writing these training grants, at no cost, when you contract the training through WorkTerrain

What is the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund?

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund is a state program, financed by Massachusetts businesses, for the purpose of providing resources to employers to train their workers. The maximum amount of a General Training Grant is $250,000.The priorities of the fund include projects which will result in:
  • increased job retention or job growth
  • increased wages
  • more productive companies
  • more competitive companies
  • improved ability to do business in Massachusetts
  • commitments to increased private investment in training

Who is eligible to obtain these training grants?

  • Training grants are awarded to employers, employer organizations and training providers.
  • Organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit, benefiting from training grants must pay into the Workforce Training Fund.
  • Companies of any size are eligible to apply.
  • All trainees must be employed in Massachusetts. (They are not required to live in the state)
  • State and local governmental entities may not apply for these funds.
  • Companies will not be considered for new grants until two years have elapsed from the completion of training funded by prior grants.

What kind of employer issues / training programs are eligible for funding?

Priority will be given to applications focused on employee skills attainment and achievement of transferable and measurable skills. Some examples include service delivery improvements (e.g. productivity, customer capture, systems and process improvements) in areas within the organization that positively impact the bottom line; creating career ladders for staff; improving staff retention, to name a few.

Examples of eligible training programs include, but are not limited to:
  • Soft Skills Training Programs – leadership, supervisor training, conflict resolution, team building, advanced customer service, listening & communication, management development
  • Performance Improvement Training – Lean, 4DX, Six Sigma, Training within Industry
  • Specialty Software- BIM on Revit Software
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Are there any costs for organizations?

There are no direct costs to take advantage of this training grant. Indirect costs that organizations may incur include:
  • Employee salaries to attend training (training must occur during work time)
  • Matching costs (training materials, copy costs, room rental costs, etc.)

Are the grants difficult to apply for?

The grants are a competitive bid and organizations must make a compelling case for the need for the training. As a value added service, WorkTerrain directly assists organizations in applying for these grants, at no charge, and provides the training upon grant award.

What are the next steps?

Contact  WorkTerrain at 978-658-2131  for a further explanation of the grant application process. Your organization could receive up to $250,000 in grant funded training for your employees!